MTMS offers 2 types of
Physical Education


Physical Education in the repainted gym, newly remodeled outdoor basketball courts, and large athletic grass field. The program includes a variety of indoor and outdoor sports, such as basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer, hockey, track, and flag football.  Improving ones's running time in the mile run is an important aspect of both programs.  


Coaches Ben Scalph and  Stephanie P engage all of our Sharks to do their best and improve their athletic skills by 8th grade. Mark Twain MS also has sports opportunities after school at the Venice Boys & Girls Club and after school enrichment sports classes.  Please see information on this page here.


Gymnastics & Performance - Arts Academy

The Dance Program directed by Ms. Medizabal, includes the basics of ballroom and modern dance genres and performance, but also includes learning gymnastics in a safe and comfortable environment.

Improving one's time in running the mile is also stressed.

This class is open to any level and both girls and boys interested are encouraged to begin in the 6th grade so as to improve their skills by their 8th grade.  There are also dance squad opportunities to perform off campus and for pep rallies.  And students are encourage to choreograph their own dances for the year end Danza Extravaganza.


This class is popular for those students who want to perform in our seasonal dance events like Thriller: The Dance, Thriller Travel Show, Global Holiday Concert and the Danza Extravaganza.


The Mark Twain Bell Choir is world renowned and have performed in the London Olympics, numerous LA City functions LAUSD functions and many local and National events.  This class is open to any student who wants a fun but Leadership opportunity and wants to partake in additional off campus enrichment.  Our wonderful Director Mr. Theile has many years of teaching experience with our Shark Scholars.

The Mark Twain Ringers, offers a supporting environment for young people who are growing and maturing in an ever changing, complex world.  They receive instruction as English Handbell Ringers and perform regularly in Los Angeles and have performed across the United States.  But more importantly, they are a group who learn to depend on each other for the love and support they need to make it through everyday situations when not with their families.


Our program is intended to create positive thinkers who are successful in academics as well as character.  This program also provides our students with a music experience that promotes good will and cooperation among our students.  Furthermore, our students excel in their academics so that they can participate in performances and weekend workshops away from school.  They experience life changing moments that will make a difference in their lives.  Students frequently report that their travel experiences have been life-changing which is especially important for success in today's global society.


The Orchestra program at Mark Twain Middle School's Arts Academy for the 2016-2017 school year has 5 periods of introduction to concert level performance.  The Orchestra students have performed in our annual Global Holiday Concert and Danza Extravaganza on the violin, viola, and brass instuments.


Our Orchestra instruction will continue to mature and additional instruments and higher levels of performance will be added under the direction of Mr. Tyson Swackhamer.


 Senior year is tough.  There are a lot more academic challenges and stresses but with a greater sense of responsibility and independence.  This is the time when student's start taking pride in their success, stive to improve, and cheer on their friends' accomplishments too.  Our seniors are encouraged to be leaders in their school and community.  We offer several academic awards of merit at the Senior Awards Ceremony at the end of each year.  We also have our Honor Society's Athenian Award for our seniors by application in the Spring.  



The Cathy Moraga Foundation offers a college scholarship for the best all-around student athlete, academic scholar and leader also by application.  



Awards offered during the Senior Awards Night.


  • The Athenians is an honor award given to eighth grade students selected on the basis of grades, service, leadership, and citizenship during their years at Mark Twain Middle School.

  • Principal’s Award = 4.0 grade point average (GPA) with all A’s, no U’s.

  • Assistant Principal’s Award = 3.5 GPA, no D’s, F’s, or U’s.

  • Counselor’s Award = 3.0 GPA, no D’s, F’s, or U’s.

  • Mark “E” Citizenship Award = At least 11 out of 12 possible grades of “E”, no D’s, F’s, or U’s.

  • Perfect Attendance Award = Never absent at least 75 days of enrollment.

  • Punctuality Award = No tardies and at least 75 days of enrollment.

  • The Cathy Denise Moraga Scholarship = In memory of Cathy Denise Moraga's leadership, academic achievement, and sportsmanship, this award is presented to one student at culmination. The $1,000 scholarship is given to the recipient after their high school graduation.

  • Bi-literacy awards given to those exceptional eighth grade language students at culmination.  Those students can earn immediate credit toward their high school graduation requirements!