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This team is funded solely by donations to FOMT and is run entirely by volunteers. The money raised by FOMT covers the costs of uniforms, equipment, FIYA league entry fees and insurance. ​Please consider donating to

our popular sports programs so even more opportunities will be available to our student athletesWe are also always in need of additional coaches to help build our program and allow for even greater participation.

Contact Dean Omori if you are interested in coaching or helping with a team.


SEASON:  September - November

COACH:   Cerise Hallam Larkin
CELL:        310-404-7174

2nd (D1 Boys): Mark Twain
3rd (D1 Girls): Mark Twain
All Final Standings

• All are welcome to train with the team.
• To compete in meets, you must come to all practices.
• All Mark Twain student athletes
must maintain a 2.0 GPA to be eligible to participate.

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