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Teacher Wishlists

Help teachers fund their classroom projects. Click on any of the links to read more about the projects. and how you can help support them. (Teachers can add their wishlists by clicking here.)


Joele Hodgson & 3 more teachers (MTMS Science Dept)
"Investigation Materials"


As of 2/11/2024
• Ms. Diaz (Electives - Career Exploration)"Supplies for a Career Fair"

$905 goal for supplies for a career fair.

As of 2/7/2024

• Ms. Diaz (Electives - Career Exploration)"Disney Imagineering" - $512 goal for supplies for designing theme park rides

As of 1/13/2024

• Mr. Scott (Robotics)

$451.75 goal for a drone

As of 8/23/2023

Ms. Geshke (Science):

$554 goal for a "Shake Table"

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