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Contact:  Happy Bailan

FOMT provides funding to support the garden program at Mark Twain.  11% ($23,000) of our budget goes towards this purpose for our student's holistic well-being.

Our students can visit the garden during nutrition and lunch.  They can also participate in the garden club.  Many use the garden to unwind or relax after taking the rigorous PSAT, a long day at school, or just going through normal adolescent emotions.  Teachers utilize the garden for project-based lessons which makes learning fun.  Some recent projects include making acorn flour bread for an Indigenous People's Lesson on the Tongva in History class and a Zoological Survey in Science class.  Fruits and vegetables are harvested for students to enjoy together with calming homegrown lemon verbena and mint tea!  The beautiful plants and flowers make this a special place on campus to renew our inner self with nature and one another. 
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