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Sponsor a Banner

Mark Twain Banner Sponsorship Program

Our Banner Sponsorship Program is an exciting opportunity for FOMT to work with our community to grow
and support our neighborhood school. When a business sponsors a sports team, enrichment program or event or makes a tax deductible contribution, at a certain level to FOMT, as a thank you, we will display a banner featuring that business' art/copy/logo on Walgrove Avenue between Palms Boulevard and Venice Boulevard, plus another banner on Lucille Avenue or Victoria Avenue. Your 3’x5’ banner may hang for four, eight or twelve months. Click here to view a banner sample.

Sponsorship Levels
Anyone sponsoring a team, event or enrichment program or donating at the following levels will receive:

  • Sponsor/donate $1,200 to $1,400, FOMT will hang two 3'*5' thank you banners for four months.

  • Sponsor/donate $1,400 to $1,600, FOMT will hang two 3'*5' thank you banners for eight months.

  • Sponsor/donate $1,600 or above, FOMT will hang two 3'*5' thank you banners for twelve months.

Sponsorship Guidelines

Interested in participating in our sponsorship program? It's easy. 

  1. Complete the sponsorship form

  2. Return along with your tax-deductible donation made payable to: “Friends of Mark Twain”. 

  3. Send completed form and payment to: Friends of Mark Twain, 2224 Walgrove Ave. Los Angeles, CA, 90066 Attn: Teri Shoustal. ​

  4. Please also send us any graphics or logos you would like us to display in your thank you banner. We will need these in a high resolution, 300 dpi .jpg, png or tiff file. We will send you a mock-up of the banner we intend to hang to thank you for your contribution. Note, since we are a 501(c)(3)organization, and this is not an advertisement, we may not include your business contact information or website address on the banner, among other things.


Any questions, please call or text Teri at 310-902-8326 or email

Thank you again for your support!

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